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- Pronunciation: jax-AR-tuh-SAWR-us
- Translation: Jaxartes Lizard
- Order: Ornithischia
- Suborder: Ornithopoda
- Infraorder: Iguanodontia
- Family: Hadrosauridae
- Height: 16 feet (4.9 meters)
- Length: 30 feet (9.1 meters)
- Period: Late Cretaceous
- Description: Herbivore,Bipedal
- Notes: Fragmentary remains of Jaxartosaurus were discoveredin Kazakhstan. Jaxartosaurus was an ornithischian similar toHadrosaurus; however, its skull resembles that of Corythosaurus,with a smaller helmet-like crest. Jaxartosaurus' skull had a joint similiar to one found on modern crocodiles, a joint which mayhave acted as a shock absorber during sudden closing of its jaws.