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- Pronunciation: ho-mah-luh-SEF-uh-lee
- Translation: Level Head
- Order: Ornithischia
- Suborder: Marginocephalia
- Infraorder: Pachycephalosauria
- Family: Homalocephalidae
- Height: 2.5 feet (0.8 meters)
- Weight: Period
- Length: 4.9 feet (1.5 meters)
- Description: Herbivore, Bipedal
- Notes: Homalocephale was discovered in China and Mongolia.A member of the "bone-headed" group of dinosaurs, Homalocephaleprobably battled like species for mates or territory by butting its headagainst the heads of other males. It had a knobbed, thick, flat skulland short arms with five-fingered hands for grasping food.