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- Other Names: Macrophalangia
- Pronunciation: kye-ROSS-ten-o-teez
- Translation: Narrow Hand
- Order: Saurischia
- Suborder: Theropoda
- Infraorder: Tetanurae
- Micro-order: Maniraptora (of the microorder Coelurosauria)
- Family: Elmisauridae
- Height: 3.5 feet (1.1 meters)
- Length: 7 feet (2.1 meters)
- Period: Late Cretaceous
- Description: Carnivore, Bipedal
- Notes: Chirostenotes is known from fragmentary remains found inAlberta, Canada. Each hand had three narrow, clawed fingers,with the middle finger being considerably longer than the others.Also discovered in the same formation was Macrophalangia,and when a partial skeleton was later recovered, it was determinedthat Macrophalangia and Chirostenotes were the same creature.