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- Pronunciation: bag-uh-SAIR-uh-tops
- Translation: Small Horned Face
- Order: Ornithischia
- Suborder: Marginocephalia
- Infraorder: Ceratopsia
- Family: Protoceratopsidae
- Height: 12 inches (0.3 meters)
- Weight: 7 pounds (3.2 kg)
- Length: 36 inches (0.9 meters)
- Period: Late Cretaceous
- Description: Herbivore, Quadrupedal
- Notes: Discovered in the Gobi desert of Mongolia, Bagaceratopswas a small, primitive ceratopsian. It had a very small horn on itsnose and its neck was protected by a very short frill. GlossaryIn Asia, the protoceratopsians were prevalent during the LateCretaceous, while no certain neoceratopsians are known, whereasat the same time in North America, the neoceratopsians were moreprevalent and only a few protoceratopsians have been discovered.